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Suggested ages for the meeting ideas are indicated by the uluit:

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Pathfinders / Sr. Branches

All Ages

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northern theme

just for fun

inuksuk guides' own

Guides' Own Ceremony (70 kb)

Robert Service Poems  (51kb)


Science (90 kb)

Spark Flyer Pattern (16 kb)

Bird in Cage Illusion (80 kb)

Optical Illusions (45 kb)

arctic nights

Arctic Nights (66 kb)

Constellations&Legends (170 kb)



Engineer Badge Outline (202 kb)

Slime Engineering (86 kb)

Strong Arm (87 kb)

Camp Hat Flashlight (283 kb)

Tallest Tower (85 kb)

Paper Structures (85 kb)

Balloon Rockets (87 kb)

Flying Toys (138 kb)

arctic animals

Arctic Animals (141 kb)

Animals Fact Sheet (60 kb)

Animal Tracks (75 kb)



Snow (77 kb)


activity ideas - additional resources for meetings or camps


Coming Soon!

maps & compasses

Building Compass Skills (90 kb)

Compass Basics (418 kb)

Compass Activities (427 kb)

arctic homes

Information and activities about traditional arctic homes - great for the National Cross Canada Challenge! (446 kb)