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seed necklace


bulletFlorist's Water Pick
bullet1 Pony Bead
bulletEmbroidery Floss
bulletCotton Ball
bulletSeeds (beans or squash
seeds work best)

How To:

bulletMake the Cord:
bulletCut two pieces of embroidery floss, approximately 4 feet long.  Use two different colours if possible.
bulletTie the two pieces of floss together at one end and tape securely to a table or other solid object.
bulletTwist the strands of floss until the entire length is tightly twisted.
bulletPlace a finger in the middle of the thread, and bring the ends together.
bulletRemove your finger and allow the threads to twist together, forming a cord.
bulletMake the Lid:
bulletThread the cord through the pony bead and tie the ends together to make a loop that will fit over your head.
bulletPush the knotted ends through the hole in the lid (where the flower stem usually goes) so the  pony bead is on the inside and the loop is on the outside.
bulletPlant the Seeds:
bulletMoisten a cotton ball with a small amount of water and roll it so it will fit into the tube.
bulletPlace 2 or 3 seeds around the outside of the damp cotton.
bulletSlip the cotton ball and seeds into the tube.
bulletReplace the lid on the tube, and enjoy wearing your seed necklace!


bulletCheck the cotton periodically, and add a few drops of water if necessary.
bulletMost seeds will sprout in about 5 - 10 days depending on the variety.
bulletAfter a couple of weeks, the plant will probably be too big for the tube, and will need to be re-planted or it will die.
bulletClear film canisters or pill bottles can be substituted for the water pick - prepare them by punching a hole in the lid ahead of time.